Have you ever felt like your life is a wall on a busy street?  Over the years posters, graffiti, rain, wind and time have created and worn away letters and layers. That wall comes to be a gorgeous, unique, and heartbreakingly beautiful statement of a life that has been lived.  This is what I do in my work.  Each piece includes layers of paint, collage and lettering reflecting the many layers of our complex 21st century lives.  Like walls of personal graffiti, these pieces express a rich and messy harmony.  There's mystery and magic in it.

Picasso Peeking Through

First I fell in love with that periwinkle blue, then the strong white typography. Lots has been written and spoken about the artist, but sometimes it all just feels like a lot of chatter.  The work itself speaks well enough.

These two pieces go together as a small diptych

8"x8" each. Wooden panels.  Ready to hang.

$440 for both pieces and free shipping.

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